Home Assessments


A typical full home assessment includes:

  • Goals.  A clear dialogue with you about your concerns, goals and budget;
  • Inspection.  I’ll go over your home in detail from top to bottom and try to help you see your own place through my expert eyes.  This will include assessment to:
    •  Weak-link analysis.  Identify the dominant pathways for uncontrolled heat flow in your home;
    • Passive solar situation. Assess it’s current overall merit (or lack) in regards to passive solar configuration and potential;
    • Heating and cooling.  Assess the state of the heating and/or cooling systems;
    • Hot water.  Is your hot water up to scratch?
    • Solar potential. What potential does you home have get rooftop solar PV?
    • Energy bills.  I’ll take a look at your energy bills to see if you’re paying a fair price from a quality retailer.
  • Analysis and recommendations.  I’ll give you a prioritised list of recommendations to improve your home.  Where appropriate (depending on what I find) I would normally expect to:
    • Draught-proofing. Fixing the draughts is usually the low-hanging fruit.  I’ll identify issues with draughts and how to fix them;
    • Insulation upgrade.  I’ll assess the state of the insulation and describe recommend approaches to upgrade ceiling and underfloor insulation;
    • Glazing upgrade.  I’ll assess your home for its suitability for secondary glazing upgrade;
    • Systems upgrade proposals. Where appropriate I’ll make recommendations for upgrade, installation or repair of heating, cooling and hot water.  I’ll make suggestions about what to choose and, where appropriate, suggested providers.
  • Declaration of interest. In regards suppliers, I’ll be completely up-front if and how I may have a vested interest;
  • On-site review.  Before I leave your place I’ll take you through my tentative findings;
  • Report.  I’ll prepare a report containing all this.

By prior agreement I’ll increase or reduce the scope as required to meet your needs and budget.


I’ll travel to you within Victoria to perform the assessment in your own home.  Travel of more than two hours (return) will be charged extra.

How long?

Time with you in the home is normally 3- 5 hours. Then I’ll spend time as required to prepare the report etc.

How much?

Full assessment is $700.  A charge for extended travel may be required depending on where you live.  Shorter/cheaper assessments possible, depending on your circumstances.


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